TLC – Differentiation

11th February 2016

Our final twilight session as a group was a chance to reflect the what we have been doing both as individuals and as triads over the last few months.  We started with a quick review of the previous sessions (click on the link below for the presentation).

Differentiation 11th Feb

Then we met in small groups to share ideas, successes, experiments.  We created mind maps and shared our ideas with the rest of the group.

IMG_0292 IMG_0291 IMG_0289

Finally we thought about what we were going to take forward from the twilight sessions.  We have made ourselves stars showings things that have trialled and are going to incorporate into our practice regularly or things that other people mentioned that we want to use.  We are going to put these stars up in classrooms and offices to remind ourselves to keep differentiating.



7th December 2015

Last Thursday we met for our second twilight.  It was great to hear what everyone had been experimenting with and working on in the last few weeks.  We had Eiffel Towers and Einsteins used to differentiate French and maths tasks and great ideas for differentiation in practical subjects.

Here are some photos of the great resources created.

Rosie has trialled differentiation according to both artistic ability and literacy needs with her year 10s.  The presentation below shows what she has done and some of the end results.  There is great scope to adapt this for other practical subjects.

Rosie Y10 differentiation

We also had a look at stretch and challenge and the importance of this in our differentiation.  We looked how we can use Bloom’s taxonomy to raise the challenge for all our students.  Mike Gershon’s Blooms Buster has a wealth of ideas for how each stage of Blooms can be used in the classroom.


12th October 2015

On Thursday we had a our first TLC twilight session. The differentiation session was buzzing with ideas about teaching and learning with lots of discussions had and ideas shared.

Here’s some of our mind maps IMG_0123 IMG_0101 IMG_0108 IMG_0121-1

And here’s the presentation:

Differentiation 8th Oct

The blog we looked at was headguruteacher writing about differentiation and you can find it here:

Happy differentiating everyone!


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