TLC – Assessment

8th December 2015

We had our first TLC together since working in our Triads, and it was a great opportunity to come together and share ideas and discuss what we have been working on.

Janet Davidson: Janet started off by explaining that she had been working on breaking down feedback to make it clearer what they have to work on right now – so that way her Year 11s don’t get overwhelmed by the whole lot of Maths they have to prepare for. It has helped them to focus and make more rapid progress.

She has also been working on the curve of forgetting, as presented by Sam Munro at #NEEEPMEET15. At the start of every lesson, she has been providing students with 3-6 questions from a range of topics to constantly reinforce concepts that have not been studied for a while.

Kieran Callaghan: Kieran has been working on Gallery Critique with his students. It has helped his Sixth Form students to get to grips with level descriptors and mark schemes, as well as providing the students with some instant feedback. They can then respond straight back to the feedback and the teacher will then assess the improvements.

Joe Francis: As well as working on peer assessment strategies within the PE department, he has been using interesting hooks to enable him to see where the students are at when the lesson begins. He has collated some of the hooks for us to see. Presentation 36

Ben Elliott & Sophie Southgate: Ben and Sophie have both been working on how to improve feedback for coursework to save them writing the same sorts of things all the time. They have looked into using dots to provide quick and articulate feedback for the most common errors. They students have responded well and are now familiar with what each colour dot represents.


Kuuku Asamoah: Kuuku has bee working on providing support for students in Maths on a Friday after school. They are set homework and can see him for additional help or to check it. They then review the homework in class on a Monday. He’s found it to be a good bridge to progress for the students, with numbers rising each week.

Erin Toleman: Erin has been working on two things. Firstly she has developed a tracker for Y11 revision homework to enable students to instantly see areas of strengths and weaknesses. The second thing she has done is prepare a self/peer assessment sheet for students to review their homework before they make any improvements themselves. Only then will it be viewed by a teacher.

Dan Shoker: I’ve been working on different ways of doing peer-assessment. I tried a new structure of assessment of Year 8, where they have the criteria on one side, and a table on the other with spaces for peer assessment and my comments. The language was more suited to my low ability groups. During the peer assessment, they worked in small groups to gallery-critique it and the feedback given was a joint effort. Have a look here. Year 8 Assessment LA


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